Pool & Beach Games

Pool & Beach Games

Turn a day at the beach or pool into the perfect day with Coop’s pool and beach games. Our innovative kid-friendly designs bring something unique and different to the party and are sure to be a hit with family and friends of all ages.


Hydro Lacrosse

Bring your lacrosse game to the beach and pool! Features contoured designs and soft foam handles that are great for all ages.

Hydro Catch

Players of all skill levels can enjoy Hydro Catch. Adjustable mitts and hook-and-loop fabric makes the ball easier to catch.

Paddle Pickle Ball

The Coop Paddle Pickle Ball game set delivers fun no net or court required!

Hydro Smash

The Hydro Smash game is a beach favorite. The over-sized paddles make it easy to play, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Hydro Hopper Ball

The Coop Hydro Hopper Ball is a toy ball that can skip and bounce across the water. When thrown, the Hydro Hopper bounces and skips on the water up to 100 feet!

Hydro Wake Breaker

The Coop Hydro Wake Breaker ball bounces and skips on the water’s surface up to 75 feet! This toy ball floats making it easier to retrieve during game play.

Hydro Spring Hoops

The Coop Hydro Spring Hoops is a floating basketball game set for the swimming pool! Great for pool parties, endless summer days, and vacations.

Hydro Subskate

Turn your pool into a skateboarding park with the Coop Hydro Subskate underwater skateboard.