Light Up Balls & Games

Light Up Balls & Games

Designed with Reactive Light Technology, Reactorz feature light-up balls and games that react with a burst of light with every touch, tap, throw or kick!


Reactorz Micro Football

This light up toy football is great for smaller hands learning how to throw.

Reactorz Football

The Reactorz Football is a 9-inch football that lights up with every throw and pass. Great for football teams and teens!

Reactorz Soccer Ball

This size 4 Soccer Ball emits a burst of light with every bounce and kick. Great for backyard play in the summer!

Reactorz Playground Ball

This light-up playground ball is great for a wide variety of play patterns, including kickball.

Reactorz Basketball

Don’t let the sun go down on your game. The Reactorz Basketball pulses light with every pass, dribble, and shot!

Reactorz Disc

The Reactorz Disc lights up the air with every toss, creating a cool effect, especially at night.