Say goodbye to that boring, brown football and hello to Coop footballs that always look and perform great. Our Hydro footballs are made for the pool and beach, featuring waterproof and water-friendly designs. When those long summer days turn into twilight, Reactorz Footballs keep the game going with Reactive Light Technology that pulses bright light with every throw and catch.


Hydro Football

Take your game to the backyard, pool, or beach with the Coop Hydro Football! This football is 100 % waterproof so you can play football in all conditions, wet or dry.

Hydro Rookie Ball

Coop Hydro Rookie Balls are small in size and big on performance. Great for pools, trips to the beach, and backyard play.

Hydro Whistle Dart

Anyone can throw a perfect spiral with the Coop Hydro Whistle Dart! This fun toy football has a foam tail that helps turn not-so-perfect throws into awesome spirals.

Hydro Wake Breaker Football

The Coop Hydro Wake Breaker Football is a toy football that bounces and skips on water.

Reactorz Football

The Coop Reactorz Football is a light up football made with reactive light technology! This 9-inch football emits a burst of light with every touch, tap, throw or kick.

Reactorz Micro Football

The Coop Reactorz Micro Football is a light up football just for smaller hands! Made with reactive light technology.

Scorch Football

The design of the Coop Scorch Football brings out your inner champion! This football ball features a high-tack multi-layered covering with double-tuck synthetic laces that makes the ball easier to grip and throw.