Pipe 37



Pipe 37 Bodyboard

The Coop Pipe 37 Bodyboard is the perfect size for beginners! The fiber clad construction features vivid graphics across the entire surface of the board and the soft-shaped rails make carving turns in the water easier for kids just getting used to the waves.


Product Features & Specifications

This 37-inch long body board is great for riders 4 – 5 feet tall and 65-85 pounds. Durable fiber clad construction. Vivid on-trend full board graphics kids love. Detachable nylon leash included.

  • Soft rails make carving turns in the water easier
  • Fiber clad construction
  • Intense full board graphics
  • Detachable nylon leash included
  • Recommended for riders 4-5 feet tall and 65-85 lb.
  • Ages: 5+