Body Boards & Skim Boards

Coop bodyboards and skimboards are made for all ages and experience levels. Smart designs maximize performance and control at every stage.


Pipe 33 Bodyboard

The Pipe 33 is the introduction to the Pipe series of bodyboards. Its smaller size is perfectly suited to new riders that are just learning to ride the waves.

Pipe 37 Bodyboard

The Pipe 37 Bodyboard for beginners and intermediate riders features bright, fun graphics and shaped rails that make carving turns in the water easier for kids.

Pipe 3D-39 Bodyboard

The Pipe 3D-39 Bodyboard features cool graphics and a 3-D contoured nose, rail and deck for better control. The crescent tail makes turns in the water easier for larger riders that are still at the beginner stage.

Super Pipe 37 Bodyboard

The Super Pipe 37 bodyboard is designed for intermediate to experienced riders. The slick bottom and contoured shape provides a speed boost on the water with excellent control and stability.

Super Pipe 41 Bodyboard

The Super Pipe 41 bodyboard features a smoother design and slick material for better performance on the water. Geared specifically for more advanced and experienced riders.

Super Skim

A classic wood skimboard with cool surfer graphics!

Soft Skim

This skimboard features a soft foam top for superior control and durabilty.