Backyard & Lawn Games

Our lawn and beach games are great fun for the whole family. Whether you are hanging out in the backyard or heading to the beach, it’s easy to bring the fun wherever you go with Coop.


Paddle Zlam

We’re taking Pickle Ball to the next level with Paddle Zlam! This action-packed game is great for family fun in the backyard and at the beach.

Battle Bounce

Volleyball meets 4-square in one seriously intense game! Portable, fast-paced, and great for both the beach and backyard.

Spring Slam

Spring Slam is a fun disc game for friends and family. Great for backyard barbecues, the park, or taking to the beach!

Knock ‘Em Off

This game requires accuracy and quick reflexes! Players work together to be the first team to score 21 points.

Paddle Pickle Ball

This classic backyard favorite is instant fun for the whole family. Easy to transport and great for the beach, park, and backyard – no net or court required!

Magna Disc Challenge

Players take turns trying to knock the magnetic targets off the pole with the disc. The height is adjustable so everyone in the family can play.